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Superb view "Umi to Fuji", another cape in Nishiizu is born here

If you want to immerse yourself in the superb view and gastronomy

The term "Isaba - Isaba" has been used for a long time to mean "a fish merchant."

Suruga Bay is blessed with various conditions such as topography and the flow of the Kuroshio Current, so about 1,200 species of fish, horse mackerel, king mackerel, sardine, bonito, prickly pear, shirasu, medusa, tsutsu, flounder, red tiger shrimp, Deep-sea fish such as button shrimp, lobster, cherry shrimp, Takaashi Crab (Japanese spider crab), scorpionfish and goose live.

The people of Heda have spun their own way of life from ancient times to now as people on the beach with a good port facing the deep sea.In particular, fast-paced deep-sea fish are often not on the market, and can be said to be a gem that can be enjoyed through local production for local consumption.

Fresh seafood, Suruga Bay approaching from the window of the guest room
"Mihama Cape""Deaimisaki Cape""Cape traveler""Lover’s Cape"...Izu west coast with many scenic spots
In July 2020, another cape overlooking Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay was born.

1st anniversary of renewal grand opening

  • Completely renewed the lobby floor and special room floor

    It's been a year since the reopening in July 2020.

    The special room floor "Akane-no-Uta" closest to the sea has been completely renewed.
    And by renovating the lobby floor, which is also the face of the inn,
    We will offer even more luxury to customers who use all rooms.

    The cooking course also new.
    Thoroughly passionate about local ingredients and not only volume,
    We pursued content satisfaction.

    Please experience a new holiday floating on the sea.

A 5-minute walk to the beach "Mihama Cape Swimming Beach Mt Fuji

  • In beautiful nature ...

    Excellent transparency! Like a tropical sea
    Mihama Cape Izu Peninsula Geopark.Mihama Swimming Beach, located in the inland sea of the cape that juts out into the scenic spot "Heda", is a beach with calm waves in nature surrounded by lush forests.

    In the shallow sea, two marine playsets, "Gourd Island", one "Dinosaur", and two "Diving Platforms" will appear during the sea bathing season, making them extremely popular with families! There is also a life saver so you can enjoy it to your heart's content.
    No marine playset will be installed in the 3rd year of Reiwa.We sincerely apologize to those who were looking forward to it, but please understand.
    Also, because of its high transparency, many colorful fish even in shallow water

Heda Onsen, a small fisherman town with beautiful Mt Fuji and a cape

  • Mihama Cape beautiful view of Mt Fuji and a beautiful bay surrounded by Mihama Cape

    Japan's deepest sea, Suruga Bay, boasting a water depth of 2,500m.
    In Heda, Numazu City, Heda, Numazu City, which faces Suruga Bay, deep sea fishing based on Heda Port, which has long been known as a good port, has supported the area and its lifestyle.It is known as a deep-sea fish locality where you can see, touch and taste the deep-sea fish that is rarely found elsewhere, including the world's largest hawk crab.

    There are many fishing boats awaiting sailing in the bay, and overlooking the “Mihama Cape” projecting in a bow, you can see the world heritage “Mt Fuji
    From beautiful and peaceful scenery, it can also be used for film locations, and soak in the good old Japanese landscapes.

Efforts of this facility to prevent new coronavirus infectious diseases

  • ■ We appreciate your cooperation in preventing infection.

    Regarding the new-type coronavirus infection, the situation remains unpredictable.Even at our inn, we take thorough measures to prevent infection, and provide hospitality with the safety of our customers as well as our employees as our first priority.

    Therefore, we would appreciate your cooperation in measures to prevent infection.

    In addition, when using the Goto Travel Campaign, we ask that you present your ID card with the exclusion area setting.We appreciate your understanding.

now is the time! Shizuoka! A healthy trip!  Reservation until July 29

  • Shizuoka Genki Journey will be temporarily suspended with reservations made by July 29th.

    ★★Please be sure to show your purchased coupon at check-in★★
    【Campaign content】
    Up to 5,000 yen discount on accommodation and day trips in Shizuoka Prefecture
    In addition, with a coupon of up to 2,000 yen that can be used at tourist facilities and souvenir shops in the prefecture
    【Target audience】Only for those who live in Shizuoka prefecture(Limited to a small number of people living alone or living together)
    【Accommodation period】From Monday, July 12th to Tuesday, August 31st
    【How to use the campaign】
    Customers themselves purchase Fujinokuni travel tickets and Fujinokuni regional coupons at convenience stores.
    You can use the travel voucher purchased at the time of payment at the accommodation site.
    *When making a reservation on the reservation site, "advance card approval reservation" cannot be used for this campaign

GoTo Travel Campaign Information(Out of Operation)

  • Our inn is subject to the GoTo Travel Campaign → Get coupon

    ~Our inn is subject to the GoTo Travel Campaign~
    *All plan are available on this site*
    After making a reservation for this site plan by local settlement, be sure to move to STAYNAVI from this link and complete the accommodation discount procedure for the GoTo Travel Campaign.After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI to the front desk.
    *Please make a reservation with local payment.
    *Be sure to print or take the discount coupon before you bring it.
    *Please understand that you will be required to show your ID at check-in.

Beauty Spa

  • Facial plan

    Skin rejuvenation
    OK for spots, fine lines, sagging, pore tightening, acne, and atopy
  • Body care plan

    Relaxation that whole body is relaxed by all hand
  • Foot plan

    Eliminate swelling and fatigue
    Relieve swelling and fatigue with lymph and foot acupoints
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  • lobby

    Check in leisurely while watching the Suruga Bay spreading out in front of you.
    Please use it anytime during your stay.
  • Terrace lounge

    Suruga Bay as far as the Suruga Bay see, Mt Fuji on a sunny day, far from Yui on the opposite bank to the Southern Alps.
    You can enjoy a panoramic view of the center of Shizuoka prefecture.
    Please feel free to drop in anytime during your stay.
  • Souvenir shop

    We have specialty products of Nishiizu.
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Umi-no Hotel Isaba


3878-20 Heda, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Numazu IC 60 minutes by car from Numazu IC, 50 minutes by Bus bound for Heda from Shuzenji Station (Pick-up available from Heda Bus Stop)

Pick-up available (conditions)
Limited to Heda Bus Stop and Heda Port.
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