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Renewal Open

July 2020 Reopened

  • An inn for spending time with a superb view

Two open-air baths with a superb view in one room &"Observation bath"

  • ◆ Room for staying with the setting sun

    "Umi-no Hotel Isaba" is on the 4th floor entrance and lobby floor.
    The guest room floor is "Ai no Uta" on the 5th floor, and as you approach the sea, the restaurant floor is on the 3rd floor, the "Shizu no Umi" on the 2nd floor, and the floor on the 1st floor that is closest to the sea surface with the sunset "Special Room- Akane-no-Uta floor".

    Suruga Bay as far as you can see from the window of the room.
    The check-in time is light blue, and from the bellflower to madder with the spread of the evening scenery, forget the time with beautiful reviews until the darkness of jet black comes.

    Reserve to spend with the evening scenery.You can enjoy such a stay.
  • ◆ Suite type consisting of 2 completely separated rooms

    The newly opened "Akane no Uta" guest room has a luxurious area with a view terrace with an open-air barrel bath attached to a total area of 74 square meters.
    We have decided to offer a suite type that is completely separate and easy to use, whether you are an adult couple who wants to have their favorite time, a family, or a stay with friends you care about.

    【Basic floor plan】*Excluding corner room
    ・Dining space:About 11 square meters
    ・Japanese-style room + Hiroen:About 22 square meters
    ・Bedroom + wide rim:About 25 square meters
    ・Stone view bath
    ・Terrace with private barrel open-air bath
  • Akane-no-Uta Floor Twin Room Information

    There is only one dining room + twin bedrooms on the Akane-no-Uta floor.
    This is a luxurious building that also incorporates minimalism, with a dining room and a main bedroom that accommodate meals in a room, a terrace that leads to a private observation bath, and a lounge with a bath.
    Therefore, the rooms are priced more than other rooms on the Akane-no-Uta floor, so you can stay at a reasonable price.

    Please use it for a casual holiday for only two people.
  • Corner Room Special Room- Umi wa Hiroina Information

    Spacious was nestled dedicated to the open-air bath on the terrace, "corner room Sweet ~ Umi wa Hiroina is also renewal was completed.

    On the vast Suruga Bay you can see, and on the spacious terrace that Suruga Bay a superb view, we have newly set up a barrel open-air bath with a diameter of 150 cm that can accommodate two adults.

    There is also a free chilled beer in the free refrigerator.
    Happiness with a private outdoor bath in the room...Please spend the best time repainting the feelings of everyday life with a magnificent view.

    "Umi wa Hiroina" also Umi wa Hiroina bath room, and you can enjoy seafood-filled meals at the indoor dining room.

Lobby floor full renewal

  • Suruga Bay x Mt Fuji best combination

  • From the lobby Umi-no Hotel Isaba"Umi-no Hotel Isaba", you can luxuriously enjoy the spectacular view from Nishiizu.

    The four seasons of Mt Fuji that shine in Suruga Bay.
    A beautiful evening scene that dyes the area bright red.
    On clear days, Yui Kishi and Shimizu night view.
    And until the Japanese Alps .....

    I would like you to see such a magnificent view from the open terrace, not through the glass.
    In this renewal, approximately half of the lounge space that continues from the lobby will be an outdoor terrace.

    Order a drink at the lounge bar and enjoy the spectacular view of Nishiizu at your leisure.
  • ◆ If you pass through the entrance, you will feel nostalgic, "Japanese" and "Wood"
    Heda Onsen is an old-fashioned fishing town with a view of Mt Fuji from a scenic cove.
    We at "Umi-no Hotel Isaba" also want to provide a relaxing stay that naturally blends into such a peaceful atmosphere.
    It's not flashy, but we emphasized the feeling of nostalgia, based on a "Japanese style" that resonates with the heart.
  • ◆ Always beside the sea...
    From the front door to the front desk, lobby, lounge and terrace.
    We are proud of the open space that luxuriously uses most of the space on one floor.
    After breakfast, enjoy morning coffee.
    The wide opening allows the gentle light of the morning to shine in, giving you the perfect time to start your wonderful day.
  • ◆ A special souvenir from Nishiizu
    In the lobby, there is a souvenir shop that collects Nishiizu specialty products.

    Especially from old times to the present, "Heda Salt", which is made by drawing the Kuroshio and cooking only with firewood for 13 hours, and "Heda Salt Shiojira", which the service manager of Heda Onsen devises and attends. "And" are recommended.
  • ◆ From the lounge to the terrace
    The terrace and lounge, renovated in July 2020, are at your disposal during your stay, whenever you want.
    Drinks can be ordered at the lounge.If there is no staff in the lounge, please feel free to ask a nearby staff member.Seats are limited, but please find some free time to spend your time.